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Zerona Laser Treatment

What is Zerona?

Designed to produce results similar to SmartLipo, but without the risks associated with surgery, Zerona™ is a completely non-invasive technique for fat removal and body contouring. This innovative treatment was created by Erchonia, an international manufacturer and distributor of low level laser technology for cosmetic enhancement. The Zerona treatment itself uses Low Level Laser Therapy (a 635 nm laser wavelength) to emulsify and break down fat cells in treated areas. The Zerona treatment is completely non-invasive, and it reportedly won't cause patients any pain during or after the procedure. In fact, many patients claim they don't feel a thing while treatment is taking place!

Zerona Treatment Process

The Zerona laser device has five individual low-level laser diodes, four of which are attached to flexible arm attachments. The Zerona laser diodes are applied externally to the front and back of the patient's body while they are lying down—Zerona laser application on both the patient's front and back sides typically lasts for 20 minutes, bringing the total treatment time to 40 minutes.

During the treatment itself, Zerona patients should experience no pain or discomfort. This is because Zerona's low level laser performs at a wavelength that doesn't burn or harm the skin, but is specifically absorbed by fat cells.

The number of Zerona laser treatments recommended for optimal results may differ from patient to patient, but on average, patients are advised to undergo six Zerona laser sessions over a two-week period.

Zerona Side Effects and Recovery

Since Zerona laser treatments are completely non-surgical, patients are able to resume their daily activities and routines immediately following treatment sessions. Zerona patients are also reportedly not prone to any major side effects, thanks again to the procedure's non-invasive nature.

Zerona Costs

The cost of Zerona laser treatments will vary by geographical region, individual provider fees, and the amount of total treatments required. On average in the U.S., patients can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 for a Zerona package of six sessions. Ask about an individual Zerona provider's costs when you contact our representatives. At this time, you can also find out if a provider is currently offering any treatment promotions or discounts.

Zerona Results

Clinical trials conducted with the Zerona laser showed that, on average, patients experienced a loss of 2-4 inches on treated areas in a period of about two weeks—some patients experienced even greater inch-loss results: up to 5-6 inches off of treated areas. To help maximize results, patients undergoing Zerona laser treatments are always recommended to practice healthy eating and exercise habits.

The results achieved with this laser lipo alternative aren't permanent, but Zerona patients should be able to maintain their results with long-term dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Some Zerona patients opt for touch-up treatment sessions several months or a year after their initial treatment package, to better maintain their results. If a former Zerona patient experiences a massive weight gain or body change after treatment, such as a pregnancy, Zerona results may diminish and treatment may need to be repeated.

Am I a Candidate for Zerona Laser Treatments?

Zerona laser fat removal is not recommended for obese patients. Individuals with excessive amounts of fat deposits will have better body contouring success with liposuction surgery procedures, including SmartLipo, Vaser LipoSelection, Power-Assisted Lipo or Tumescent Liposuction.

The Zerona body contouring method is recommended for patients within close range of their ideal body weight. Like other non-surgical body contouring methods, such as VelaShape and Endermologie, Zerona can be helpful for new mothers or patients who've experienced difficulty shedding excess pounds and inches. Zerona laser treatment is effective for both men and women. Recent procedure information even suggests that Zerona may be useful for the treatment of enlarged male breast tissue, or gynecomastia.

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