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Featured Procedure: Zerona™ Laser Treatments

Zerona, a recently developed laser procedure, is considered a breakthrough in non-surgical body contouring. Created by Erchonia, an international manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic laser technology, the Zerona laser is considered an effective alternative to liposuction surgery. While laser technology has been implemented in some newer liposuction procedures like the incredibly popular SmartLipo, the Zerona procedure was designed to achieve similar results, while being completely non-invasive.

Safe to use on a majority of body areas, Zerona commonly treats fatty tissue on the thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and abdomen. Zerona's rise in popularity is due, not only to the treatment's effectiveness, but to its promise of quick results without any pain or major side effect risks. It's no wonder that Zerona laser body contouring has been featured on Rachael Ray and numerous other daytime talk shows. Zerona is also now being offered by many of the country's leading cosmetic surgeons.

Contact our customer representatives at Zerona Laser Forum today to schedule your first treatment consultation for Zerona! Or, check out our Zerona procedure page for more in-depth Zerona treatment information!

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Because everyone’s personal aesthetic goals are different, and because specific treatments can produce different results from patient to patient, it's important to weigh all treatment options before making a decision. For obese or extremely overweight individuals, non-surgical body contouring treatments (like Zerona) may not be able to achieve the superior results of plastic surgery.

Patients with excessive amounts of body fat should consult with a licensed and certified liposuction surgeon in their area to discuss treatment goals and options. They will be able to evaluate your candidacy for liposuction and body contouring surgery, and help you create a customized treatment plan.

For more in-depth information about types of liposuction surgery, such as SmartLipo and Vaser Lipo, follow the procedure links below! For more information about Zerona treatment, Zerona costs and Zerona side effects, view our Zerona procedure page!

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